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Founder Message


FOUNDER – Ms. Meghna Kapoor

Since childhood she was taught to be kind and helping by nature. She got the compassion towards less fortunate and animals through her parents. At very early stage she desire to be a volunteer at some NGO this desire lead her to a dream where she wish that every homeless person get food , clothes and other necessary things of living . Her compassion was not limited to humans only she always had a soft corner for street animals. Whenever she encountered homeless person or any street animal in pain she said “ Somebody should do something , then gradually she realized that she is that somebody”.


Once she visited an NGO in Faridabad where she saw one couple taking care of approximately 40 dogs and some birds all on their own. They were taking care of sick, injured, disabled and abandoned dogs at their own house without any help from Government. This couple and their dedication inspired her so much that she decided to do her best in making the life better, for less fortunate human as well as animals.


After getting inspiration from that kind hearted couple she started joining other NGO and she begin to learn about animal laws , she started keeping her eyes on how NGO works and where underprivileged children and their families resides. She started encouraging others also like her friends, neighbors, office colleagues etc , some kind hearted people like Mr. Kunal Kapoor joined her and became the strongest pillar of Nayi Pehal , Mr. Kartik Kapoor also joined and he gave the vision to our Team. Mr. Dheeraj Gahlyan , Mr. Pankaj Gahlyan joined us and became the support system , Later on Mr. Karan Kapoor , Mr. Rinku Arya, Mrs. Bhawna , Mr. Sunil Kapoor , Mr. Surinder Rajput , Mr.Abhijeet Mishra , Mr. Jaidev Rakshit , Mr. Goel , Mr. Vikas Gupta came forward and joined the team and this way NAYI PEHAL WELFARE SOCIETY came into existence.